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David Cawley mentioned Hove (gone), Luton, and Leicester. Can add some deta=

Leicester Town Hall bells are Mears & Stainbank 1876, supplied through E.T.=
Loseby, the Leicester clockmaker. Weights 3-2-0, 3-3-15, 4-2-0, 6-3-7, 20-=
3-2. One of the Leicester ringers (John Jelley, I think), told me the only =
time he ever heard Ernest Morris swear was when he described those bells!

Luton are Gillett & Johnston, 1936: 1 26.125 E 3-2-14, 2 28.5 D 4-2-17, 3 3=
1.625 C 6-0-17, 4 41.125 G 12-2-15, 5 61.5 C 45-2-20. Very fine, as David s=
ays. I have seen these bells.

Hove: These were Gillett & Bland 1881/2 (see Elphick). There were 12 bells,=
the largest 60" and 36-1-7 and the smallest 30" 6-0-24. I have the weights=
and diameters of the others from the Corydon foundry records - can post th=
em if people want them.

A long time since I heard Cardiff, but they are definitely "old style" and =
I'm not sure I'd call the tone superb - but certainly quite grand and power=

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Cardiff City Hall: Clock chime 9-3-0; 13-0-14; 16-2-14; 34-1-0 Hour bell=
: 51-0-14 G&J 1903 Superb tone. (cost: "=A31277 +=A3120 for fixing")

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for details

I can - thanks to Taylors - provide answers to come of Andrew's queries=
. Perhaps Mike Chester could now add details to the chimes list?

Ossett, Town Hall, Yorks: Five clock bells, largest 7-2-16, per Potts =
of Leeds, Jan.1908=20

Dewsbury, Town Hall, Yorks: Clock bells per Potts of Leeds, 20 Feb.1889=
. Bells 5-1-23, 8-1-1, 11-0-14, 24-2-11 and 35-0-12 (84-2-5). Oak frame, fi=
ttings etc. =A3560.11.1.

Batley, Carnegie Free Library, Yorks: Four quarter bells, per Potts 190=
6. 24", 26=BD", 29.625", 36.625", and hour bell (Warner - [possibly 1879 - =
can anyone confirm?]) 53.875", 3-3-15, 5-0-20, 6-2-11, 10-3-4.

Huddersfield, Cooperative Society, Buxton Road, Yorks: Four clock bells=
, largest 9-0-5, per Potts of Leeds, Nov.1904=20

Cleckheaton, Town Hall, Yorks: Bells for Cleckheaton Town Hall, per Pot=
ts of Leeds, 20 Sept.1892 - 5-1-7, 5-3-20, 7-0-14, 14-3-15 and 21-1-17 (tot=
al 54-2-17). Cost =A3273.5.2.=20

Keighley, Institute, Yorks: Clock bells, per Potts of Leeds, 28 March 1=
892. Five bells - no destination - 4-1-12, 5-2-20, 7-1-1, 15-1-25 and 25-1-=
11 (total 58-0-13) - daybook shows for Keighley Institute (weights tally)=20

Middlesbrough Town Hall, Yorks: Clock bells through Robert Richardson, =
clock manufacturer, Middlesbrough, 4 July 1889 - 5-0-1, 6-0-8, 7-2-5, 17-1-=
17, 47-1-6 (total 83-1-9); fixing the bells for Richardson invoiced separat=
ely on 20 July 1889.=20

Thornaby, Town Hall, Yorks: Five clock bells, largest 7-3-26, per Pott=
s of Leeds, July 1908

Also at Thornaby - South Stockton [also known as Thornaby on Tees], Yor=
ks: Hours and four quarter bells for South Stockton, per Potts of Leeds, 13=
Nov.1891 - 1-2-3, 2-1-7, 3-2-16, 6-0-18 and 8-1-11 (total 21-3-27). Cost =
=A3115 9s.=20

This leaves Lindley Clock Tower and Hartforth Hall unaccounted for from=
Andrew's list. The above details are incomplete only because I had specifi=
cally sought details of work for Potts (when editing the Potts clock catalo=
gues for publication by the AHS) and regarding heavy bells (for the Great B=
ells list now on the Keltek website). But this information should fill quit=
e a lot of gaps

Morley Town Hall has a Warner clock chime of five bells, largest 35 cwt=
, according to their catalogues. I've assume these are 1895 (the date of th=
e Town Hall), though I'd ve very keen to have full details of date, diamete=
rs and (if available) weights.

Don't know anything about Dewsbury Co-Op

The whole Town Hall thing is covered in an excellent book on Victorian =
and Edwardian Town Halls by Colin Cunningham (RKP, 1981) - a comprehensive =
acount, and well illustrated (but nothing on bells). Colin taught me Latin=
at school (about as succesfully as Paul Cattermole taught me maths!) and l=
ater went on to teach architectural history with the OU. His father used t=
o be Rector of Hanbury (Ambridge and Worcestershire's finest Taylor eight) =
and did have a go at ringing. He also printed Paul Cattermole's little book=
let on The Bells of Bale


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