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1. W. E. Colchester Hampshire Church Bells (1920) mentions only one uninscr=
ibed bell.

2. Could it be by one of the Purdues ?

3. For cracked bells, try SOUNDWELD. Who knows, perhaps the results would =
induce a repair to the Liberty Bell : )

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The oldest dated bell in the city of Saint Louis (and for that=20
matter, the surrounding 20 counties at least) arrived here=20
comparatively recently, as a gift from the Anglican parish of=20
St.Giles, Blendworth, Hampshire, to the Episcopal parish of St.Mark,=20
Saint Louis, Missouri. This occurred about June, 1960, at the=20
conclusion of a year wherein the two rectors had exchanged pulpits.=20
Unfortunately I have been unable to discover whether any of the=20
history of this bell was communicated to St.Mark's, and so I turn to=20
this List in search of further information.

The bell carries the following inscription in the shoulder band:
I P I T 1 6 3 6
The letters have slight serifs, as does the base of the "1"; the top=20
of the "3" is angular; and the two "6"s are not identical (one has a=20
much tighter loop than the other).
Otherwise the only decoration is the bead lines, of which there are
2 on the domed top
2 above the inscription
2 below the inscription
3 below the waist
2 at the lip
The diameter is approximately 20.75", but it varies considerably=20
because of heavy chipping around the lip.
The height is 19.5" to the base of the crown, and 24.6" to the top of=20
the crown.
The crown has a tall center piece, rather flat, with a square-cut=20
eye; the base of this piece has bulges on both sides, obviously for=20
the rather thick cast-in clapper staple.
There are six canons, with vertical lower portions and slanted upper=20
portions attached to the center piece just above the base of the eye.
There are severe cracks from the lip up to the mid-waist on opposite=20
sides of the bell, so the pitch is indeterminate and the tone is a=20
dull clunk. (A local monumental bronze firm attempted to weld the=20
cracks a few years ago, but the welds are highly porous and the tone=20
was not improved.)
Unfortunately I do not have a digital photograph of this bell.

Any information or educated guesses about this bell will be most welcome.

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