[Bell Historians] Yorkshire Tails

John Camp john at c...
Thu Jun 5 19:01:41 BST 2003

At 16:59 on 05 June 2003, David Bryant wrote:

> I think Salley or Sally is one of those like Canons or Cannons - there is no
> single accepted correct spelling.

I disagree. The OED gives "sally" with no variant spelling. I have
never before seen it spelt "salley".

At 17:34 on 05 June 2003, MalHBland at a... wrote:

> I unsubscribed from "Ringing Chat" because after only three days (and over
> 150 e-mails), I thought I had wandered into a Primary School palyground.

Sorry to hear that. Maybe a good thing he didn't subscribe to the
drivel list. Seriously, I think the various ringing-lists all serve
the needs of their communities. Both ringing-chat and change-ringers
have more than 500 members, which must indicate that someone enjoys
them. I find this list a bit boring, sometimes, but then I've always
been more interested in the social aspects of ringing than in ringing
history. (I hope Mr. Bland isn't confusing me with me late father when
he speaks of my writings.)

John Camp

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