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Happen to have this one too. Yes, Ilkley is a Taylor bell:

Ilkley, Yorks: Clock bell (4-3-7) per Potts of Leeds, July 1907=20

>From what Michael says I assume this entry refers to the Town Hall and not =
the URC


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Here is my meagre contribution to the town hall

I live in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, and can hear the
town hall bell from my house. I have read somewhere
that it weighs 5cwt and was cast in 1907, presumably
when the town hall was built. It sound good enough to
be Taylors but can anyone confirm this?

Unfortunately, a few seconds after this bell has
finished chiming, I also hear the clock bell in Christ
Church URC on the Grove (opposite Bettys). I think
this bell must be cracked!


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