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The ex B-o-A 24" steel bell with flange head resided for several years on m=
y study floor at Eastville, Bristol. When I moved to Leicester I begged An=
drew Nicholls to take it back (which he kindly did), so I guess it is stil=
l at his works. I also had a smaller steel bell with peg argent which had =
been given to the Unitarian Church at Frenchay following the sad theft of t=
heir Rudhall bell, but which had never been hung. This I gave to Frenchay P=
arish Church to adorn their new ringing chamber, only a few yards from its =
intended previous home. I have no idea where it originally came from.=20=20

Not 'Civic' but in the same league: I was in London the other day and was a=
ble to call at The Royal Exchange ( 13, 33-0-7, C# Gillett & Johnston 1920)=
. Wasn't at the right time for a tune on the complete chime, but the majes=
tic, slowly struck and impeccably timed Cambridge Quarters and hour were a =
treat to hear.

Anyone heard Kendal Town Hall ?

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Bradford on Avon, former Town Hall, now the Catholic Church of St Thomas =
Moore. Clock bell the former treble from All Saints, Dorchester, (John Dau=
ton 1624). Previously a steel bell, now believed to be at Nicholls Horolog=
ical Engineers, Bristol.

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