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There was once a time when sally, sallie, salley, solly (and variants), dol=
ly (etc), pussy (etc) as well a 'billy' (the thing on the end of a Y.T.E.) =
got an airing in the comic, until dear old Tom White (who took it all very =
seriously) wrote the dread words "This correspondence is now closed - Ed". =
It came to a head one year with the discovery of "Sally Pussy's Inn" in so=
me distant place. A week ago - I do not lie - I was attending a party in =
Wootton Bassett, near Swindon; just outside which place I beheld the very h=
ostelry, "Sally Pussy's Inn". Then I came back to all this correspondence.=
Funny old world !

This also offers the opportunity to say how much I enjoy 'from the e-lists'=
in the comic: editing which must be no easy task, but it must be fun.


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I have already apologised to John off-list for what was a failed attempt =
on my part at being humorous. I certainly had no wish to be patronising or =
to "show anyone up".=20
At the risk of being really boring, I ran a quick word search on "salley"=
and find that I seem to have preferred this spelling in my own writings. =
I also found a few historical instances. One in a Taylor estimate of 1888 f=
or "Ropes of best Italian hemp with worsted salleys 10/- each" and the othe=
r from the splendid if quirky writings of J.A. Parnell, the self-styled Got=
hic Traveller, who wrote in 1815 of Queen Camel:
At Queen Camel in Somersetshire, at the Church a Peal of 6 Be=
lls, and the Tenor is 48 or 50 Cwt. in Key of C flat, and here they have 16=
Men in the Band to Raise them. Changes here are out of the Question never =
any can be Rung on them, nor have they any Tufting in their Bell Ropes (Sal=
leys) they do not make use of Salleying their Bells when Ringing, says the =
Gothic Traveller, John Alfred Parnell, Sheffield, Feby 10th 1815.


Should we tell the OED? Worth sharing for interest, rather than in justif=



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