[Bell Historians] Salleys

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Tue Jun 10 16:11:52 BST 2003

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> There was once a time when sally, sallie, salley, solly (and 
variants), dolly (etc), pussy (etc) as well a 'billy' (the thing on 
the end of a Y.T.E.) got an airing in the comic, until dear old Tom 
White (who took it all very seriously) wrote the dread words "This 
correspondence is now closed - Ed". 

The term "Dolly" was common around the Settle area in the 1900s, and 
the ringers at Horton in Ribblesdale(now rehung) and Stainforth
(unringable) apparantly always called the Sallies ,Dollys-however 
this name has now died out in the Settle area towers.
Was the term "Dolly" used mainly in Yorkshire?

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