Low House, St Helens

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Tue Jun 10 23:08:02 BST 2003

> I have actually visited Lowe House on more than one occasion 
through my friendship with Eva Garner the carilloneur at the church. 
The 'as built' High Altar was at the top of a mountain of steps, the 
sanctuary being marked by a half circle of Italian marble communion 
rail. The marble was from Carrera (spelling may not be correct). I 
can assure Mr. Blundell that the present set up is not 'as built'. 
Somewhere, I have slides of the original interior and if he would 
like to borrow them I will look for them and send them if he supplies 
an address.

The following has appeared on the national Bell Historians list. Is 
> able to confirm/deny Mr Hedgcock's account of the state of the 
inside of the 
> church? On the basis of my one visit (in 1999?) I was of the 
impression that the 
> inside was more or less as built, but my memory and grasp of 
architecture are 
> none too good, so I could well be wrong.
> Cheers
> Giles
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> Subject: Re: Clock Chimes - information and requests for details
> Pleased to hear that the Lowe House Carillon is still in use. I 
> always had fears that if the church knew the value of what is in 
> tower they would dispose of the bells. However, I am recently 
> assured that safeguards to protect the bells from future sale were 
> put into covenants at the time of their installation.
> The interior of the church was gutted a number of years ago. 
> were pneumatic drills breaking up the Italian marble High Altar 
> lorries coming out of the West Door were taking it to the tip!!!!!
> The Jesuits, the former priests of the parish, must have been 
> in their graves.--- 
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