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The lightest of the (eventual) fifteen 1844 bells (tenor 23-2-24) was 4-0-2=
6; they went back to Whitechapel the following year. The treble of their 1=
845 set of fifteen (tenor 53-3-12) was 6-3-12. They went up to Loughborough=
(and were broken up) in 1852. The Taylor bells (also fifteen) ranged from=
5-2-6 to 34-1-0, two of which were scrapped in the 1890's. All of this is=
recorded in the Great Grand Gresham Committee Minutes. The remainder in th=
eir turn were replaced by the wonderful Gillett chime of 13 (2-0-19 to 33-0=
-7), in my view a chiming version of the glorious ring at Coventry. Still i=
n the massive 1852 cast-iron frame.=20=20

So allowing for 1844 weighing machines (and is it gross or net ?) it seems =
to be the treble of the first set, or a replacement bell.

What a marvellous find !!

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Readers may be interested to note that one of the C & G Mears 1844 bells

Hayward Mills Associates have a bell from Sydenham All Saints in for
rehanging. It was dreadfully corroded, so was shotblasted to clean it.
The inscription reads:
But more importantly on the waist was the remains of a removed inscriptio=


The diameter is 24.25" and its weight is an amazing 3.3.13, very thick &
flared soundbow.
Frequencies: 1822, 1664, 1079, 764 & 493 Hz.

The bell was originally at Ch Church Sydenham apparently, but as my 1956
Crockford gives neither I can not ascertain the date of buildings, so it =
not clear whether the bell came via Whitechapel (as a reject from the
original castings) or Taylors ( when they recast the Mears bells). Can
anyone enlighten us?

Mark Regans article on the building & its bells appeared in the Christmas
edition of the RW in 1997.

George Dawson

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