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Have has an interesting afternoon in Surbiton - may sound implausible, but =
it's true!

I visited St.Matthew's because I wanted to check up on a bell of 1734 in an=
1875 church. GPE visited in 1974 but wasn't sure of the founder, but from =
his notes it looked to me like a bell by Joseph Smith of Edgbaston. In fact=
, it was a bell by Smith from Kenilworth - saved when the front bells there=
were recast by Taylors in 1875. Typical Smith bell - lovely casting, thou=
gh tonally a bit disappointing for a founder who could be so good.

The bell is listed, and (GAD) the list entry needs amending to show Joseph =
Smith as the founder. It's 32.875", 7-0-23 in C. It was the second at Kenil=

Also at St.Matthews is a chime (MC and DLC) of hemisphericals - 8 (not 6 as=
noted by GPE - distracted and excited by his find of the other bell, I gue=
ss!), tenor 34.125" a little flat of E. Should be 4.5 cwt according to the =
tables in Warners' catalogues. Completely blank inside and outside, and no=
thing in the church to indicate their date - except the Vicar is pretty sur=
e (he's going to check) that a report of the consecration in 1875 mentions =
the bells being played. Hung in a fieldgate frame on 6 levels - 3-8 from to=
p to bottom, with 1 and 2 sharing beams with 6 and 5 respectively. Chimed =
from an Ellacombe manual - a modern replacement of c.1975, like the hammers=
upstairs. So, Warner 1875?

Had hoped to visit Chessington - another mystery chime - but the Vicar was =
going out. He told me, though, that the bells - 8, 6 cwt in B according to =
old editions of Dove - are by Warner 1894.

Talking of Warner, am expecting some further info by post from the Mayor on=
the clock bells at Morley Town Hall. Will post details here if there's any=
thing interesting


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