[Bell Historians] A bright idea...

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Mon Jun 30 06:09:54 BST 2003

this an excellent idear david ...can anyone tell me are there any intersting 
videos ever filmed on old/intersting 
bells/peals/chimes/carrillions/changeringing bellfoundry's ect...we have 1 
video here that was eagerly devoured by our team of trainee ringers here at 
saint andrews lismore..we are enjoying learning bellringing so much! that we 
would apprieciate anything that would expand our understanding and enjoment 
of all things to do with bells. any help gratefully recieved. thanks john 

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>Subject: [Bell Historians] A bright idea...
>Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2003 20:52:20 +0000
>I've had what might be a bright idea.
>People on the list occasionally send emails advertising bell-related items 
>which they want to sell, and I wonder whether it would be useful to have a 
>web page listing items which people are wanting to sell. Obviously, 
>bell-related books and ephemera are the obvious things, but I also had in 
>mind other things such as bell fittings (either for use or as curiosities), 
>and tools and equipment for use in bell restoration, which a number of list 
>members are involved with.
>What do people think? If there is interest I'll put a page up for it.
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