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> A lot of them, especially on small bells, only have three bolts - two for
> bell bolts and one for the clapper. Modern Taylor CI headstocks for little
> bells are similar in this respect. Whitechapel ones have 4 bolting lugs,
> plus staple bolt.

The obvious reason for using two bolt lugs is the fitting of crown staple 
adjustment screws (also known Twiddle Pins). Three bolts (i.e. fore and aft of 
the staple bolt) make this difficult.

As for eighth turning bells & Mike's comment about drilling extra holes in 
the crown of the bell - how about fitting a new headstock which picks up on 
existing holes? At Okeford Fitzpaine, Dorset - we made a set of fabricated steel 
headstocks which picked up on the existing four bolt holes in the eighth turned 
position - without removing the bells from the tower (everything had to go up 
and down the spiral staircase!)

As for more sets of "Bar Type" headstocks - 2-4 of the six at Sandon, Staffs 
(1962-4). Also the 8 at Houston, Texas and the 8 at Rochford, Essex (Not sure 
of the dates).



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