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The " Bar Type" headstocks at Rochford, Essex date from 1968, although only=
the front 7 remain, the tenor headstock fractured and was replaced in 1989=

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A lot of them, especially on small bells, only have three bolts - two f=
bell bolts and one for the clapper. Modern Taylor CI headstocks for lit=
bells are similar in this respect. Whitechapel ones have 4 bolting lugs=
plus staple bolt.

The obvious reason for using two bolt lugs is the fitting of crown staple=
adjustment screws (also known Twiddle Pins). Three bolts (i.e. fore and af=
t of the staple bolt) make this difficult.

As for eighth turning bells & Mike's comment about drilling extra holes i=
n the crown of the bell - how about fitting a new headstock which picks up =
on existing holes? At Okeford Fitzpaine, Dorset - we made a set of fabricat=
ed steel headstocks which picked up on the existing four bolt holes in the =
eighth turned position - without removing the bells from the tower (everyth=
ing had to go up and down the spiral staircase!)

As for more sets of "Bar Type" headstocks - 2-4 of the six at Sandon, Sta=
ffs (1962-4). Also the 8 at Houston, Texas and the 8 at Rochford, Essex (No=
t sure of the dates).



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