[Bell Historians] Re: Another chime for the list

Andrew Aspland aaspland at y...
Sun Mar 2 16:42:47 GMT 2003

Please let me know of any chimes\clock
chimes that have at least 4 bells that do not appear on the list. I
am especially interested on those that have been lost prior to the
first edition of Dove, or that never made it in any edition.

There is a five bell clock chime (3cwt in E) in Thornton's Arcade, Leeds.
Modern bells struck by Robin Hood and his merry men - westminster chime.

There are five(?) at Nottingham University which were never in Dove -

Leeds university has a chime of four bells 12-3-8 in G Taylors 1952 -
unusual and interesting composition

Hartforth Hall (now a Hotel) near Richmond has (and are still in operation -
I spoke to someone there) five bells 1901 Taylors - 6cwt.

Huddersfield Coop has four 1904 Taylor bells 9cwt clock chime - only the
hour strike is used. - westminster

Dewsbury Town Hall 5, 35cwt - westminster chime - pre-Simpson Taylors.

Dewsbury Coop - westminster chime - Ian North used to hear them from his

And many more...


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