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Wed Mar 12 03:01:44 GMT 2003

Hi Will, 

I dont know if you have seen my book "Camponologists
Companion" guide to traditional bell ringing around
the world, this book contains all the information you
need that has never been printed in any other guide to
bell towers around the world.



Mrs W M Jones, 
126 Willowfield Drive, 
Marlpool Gardens,
Dy11 5HA,

these books cost £12 plus £2.50 P&P.

--- Willbutler at a... wrote: > I'm surprised no-one
has replied to this query - or
> have I missed a reply?
> The members of the American Bell Association are all
> very keen on the 
> collecting of bells. Bells of all types, from church
> bells to locomotive 
> bells, ships bells to cattle bells, harness bells to
> animal bells, and so on, 
> but most of them tend to collect small bells,
> bronze, china, glass, etc. Many 
> have massive collections running into thousands of
> pieces.
> Six times a year they publish a well-produced
> publication of about fifty 
> pages called "The Bell Tower", which contains
> reports of chapter meetings 
> around the USA, advertisements for books and bells,
> reports on collections 
> and articles, etc. For instance, the last one
> contained an article on the 
> Swan Bells of Perth, another on Bells throughout
> History and a short piece on 
> some research into the conflicting dates on small
> Hemony bells..
> One of the advertisements in this edition was for
> Brosamer's Bells, an A4 
> page with photos of bells for sale including a 23
> bell chime, a number of 
> coffin bells from the 1840s, a dozen of so
> locomotive bells and several 
> church bells varying in weight from about a ton to
> five cwt.
> Some English members are in the process of setting
> up a chapter in England at 
> this very moment.
> WB

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