rehanging bells in saxon tower

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Wed Mar 12 12:55:45 GMT 2003

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> A local church which has a Saxo-Norman tower is intending to rehang 
> bells, a Victorian Taylor six. They want to hang them lower in the 
> with all new framework and fittings. Bearing in mind the age of the 
> is there likely to be trouble from English Heritage or any other
> conservation bodies about cutting holes in the walls of the tower 
> foundation beams?
> David

I don't know about this, but they do need to ensure that the bells 
are hung in the right place. Hanging them lower might hit a resonant 
requency of the tower and actually make them more difficult to ring. 
We have Harry Windsor in our Guild who is the CCCBR "expert" on 
this. I can supply the details if needed, but you need to be 
relatively quick as he is due to have heart surgery in the near 


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