[Bell Historians] rehanging bells in saxon tower

Michael Childs mtchilds at y...
Wed Mar 12 13:04:13 GMT 2003


I don't know anything about English Heritage's
approach to drilling holes in Norman/saxon towers, but
can I play guess the tower?

Is it Hovingham?


--- David Bryant <djb122 at y...> wrote: > A local
church which has a Saxo-Norman tower is
> intending to rehang their
> bells, a Victorian Taylor six. They want to hang
> them lower in the tower
> with all new framework and fittings. Bearing in mind
> the age of the tower,
> is there likely to be trouble from English Heritage
> or any other
> conservation bodies about cutting holes in the walls
> of the tower for
> foundation beams?
> David
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