[Bell Historians] Re: Liverpool Diocese

Alan J.Birney fartwell2000 at y...
Thu Mar 13 15:47:56 GMT 2003

--- In bellhistorians at yahoogroups.com, Andrew Bull <a.bull at s...> 
> Good luck to all those who are carrying out County/Diocescan 
> However, it seems there will now be something of a problem to all 
> engaged in such activities now - namely, Whitechapel's reluctance 
to allow
> access to their records. Until this situation changes, it will be 
> difficult to publish a full and complete survey of any area.
> Andrew Bull
I cannot speak for anyone else, but I dont think lack of 
access to any foundries or bellhangers records will make much of a 
difference to anyone surveying a particular area as the foudries,etc. 
do not always have the relevant information, for eample bells that 
have scrapped, or bells that have been transfered to another 
I would be interested to know if any foundry has supplied a list of 
their work in a certain area to an indevidual.
Personally, I think that to do a survey properly you have to 
personally look at the bell(s) and communicate with people in the 
parish-it is surprising how much CORRECT local information is 
sometimes available.

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