[Bell Historians] (unknown)

George Dawson George at d...
Fri Mar 14 17:25:16 GMT 2003

> There's a glorious L& J Catalogue at Blaise Castle House Museum, Bristol.
Bells occupy only one section, but that has headers and footers advertising
such wares as: Improved closet Regulators; Sheet Zinc;Californian Dwarf
Pumps;Black Tin and Argand Burners. The final sheet of my photocopy shows a
very solid-looking garden fork, so presumably they made garden tools too.
> AW

To lower the tone of this group:
The c1910 Catalogue I have deals with all engineering kit including:
p23 Blow down Cocks
p25 Gland gauge cocks, straight pattern AND bent nose ones
p39 Hard Bronze Unions, with Horned Nuts and male parts
p40 Malleable iron hexagonal nipples
and more mundanely p128, Beer Engines. Has anyone ever seen one?


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