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In Rod Bickerton's letter published in this weeks Ringing World (page 258) =
he mentions about giving to national bell charities and specifically mentio=
ns the Trust. Although we do not actively look to extract money from ringer=
s, we do welcome any that they may wish to give. When the Trust was set up =
our trustees did not want money to be diverted from other bell-fund schemes=
to our coffers. Therefore we have never targeted our fund raising at ringe=

Having said this we do receive money from ringers and would welcome more fu=
nds! Last year we lost through death two long standing supporters: Ranald C=
louston and Gordon Halls.

Should anyone be interested in making a donation to the Trust then:

1) The only thing you will get from us is a copy of our annual report and a=
ccounts several weeks before the details are published in the Ringing World=
. You will of course receive a receipt.

2) We can accept cash, cheques etc. For one off or irregular payments we su=
ggest Gift Aid. For regular monthly payments then we are registered under t=
he give as you earn scheme (GAYE). For those who wish to use Gift Aid then =
send us some money, your name and address and we will send you a Gift Aid f=
orm to sign. You only need sign the form once and can pay subsequent paymen=
ts without the need to sign more forms.

3) What do we do with the money?
We are building up the Bell Rescue Fund; it currently stands at =A340K and =
we are aiming for =A350K. We make donations of bells to projects. Generally=
this is when the project needs a helping hand, so the donation of a second=
-hand bell could be a big cost saving.

4) Interest-free loans
We welcome these too! We put them on deposit with the Charities Aid Foundat=
ion bank and earn interest without tax being deducted. We then use the inte=
rest to further the work of the Trust. We can usually return the money with=
in two weeks of receiving the request.

Anyone wishing to make a donation should send it to: The Secretary, Keltek =
Trust, The Kloof, Lower Kingsdown Rd, Kingsdown, Corsham, Wiltshire, SN13 8=
BG. If you would like to talk to us then I am generally available after 5.3=
0pm on 01225 742325.

Happy ringing
Dave Kelly, Secretary, Keltek Trust

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