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Matthew is quite right in all he says - Dennis, have a word with Nick Bowde=
n or Richard and they will give you chapter and verse.

Re Mr York, he lived in Hillgrove Street, Bristol and was later on principa=
l bellhanger to Llewellins & James. Their catalogue and testimonial book i=
s full of praise for his abilities and conduct. Matthew makes the point ab=
out where he learned the trade and my guess is that just as L&J got their r=
ings of bells (early on) from Mears and (in the 1860's) from Taylors he cou=
ld have learned from them, or from those who had worked for Jefferies & Pri=
ce. As to his hanging bells for Warners in 1875, that was very early days f=
or L&J, who had yet to cast their first ring of bells - St Luke, Bedminster=
and SS Philip & James, Ilfracombe were to come the following year. Mr Yor=
k is first named in a printed testimonial of 1879 for Martock tenor. For hi=
s work at St Nicholas, Cork, see the late Fred Dukes' book.

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The bell from the redundant, and now deconsecrated, church of St. Mary,=
Chittoe, Wiltshire, now hangs in the tower at St. Nicholas, Bromham, Wilts=
, where it is used as a sanctus bell. Chittoe church was erected 1845/46 a=
nd the bell, which dates from around that time and weighs c.112 lbs, has th=
e letters " J & P " and below this is the letter "B" cast into it, on the w=
aist. Please can anyone tell where, and by whom this bell was made?

This is typical of Jefferies & Price of Bristol. There was a bell with id=
entical inscription at Vobster, Somerset (Circa 1846) until a few years ago=
- in fact I dont know where it went after the Church was made redundant. T=
here is another bell by them at Cloford, Somerset dated 1854. Ref for both:=
Church Bells of the Frome Deanery by George Massey, 1985. I am sure Revd. =
David Cawley will be able to tell us of hundreds more!

Also, the accounts for the recasting, by J. Warner, of the six bells at=
St. Nicholas, Bromham in 1875 shows that "Mr York, of Bristol" was paid 1=
5s/6d. (This, I presume, same Mr York, of Bristol, did =A347/10s/7d worth =
of work on Hilmarton, Wilts, bells in 1885). My question is, If Warners re=
cast and rehung the six bells, for which they were paid =A3304, and they ha=
d the metal from the old ring of six, what was Mr York doing, that he trave=
lled 30 miles from Bristol, for just fifteen shillings and six pence?

Mr York was a well known Bristol Bellhanger. He may have overseen the ins=
tallation???? Did York train to be a bellhanger at Warners????


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