[Bell Historians] Bromham, Wilts

David Bryant djb122 at y...
Sun Mar 16 10:59:13 GMT 2003

> L&J cast two bells for Broughton Gifford in 1850, one of which may still be there.

I expect Whitechapel actually cast them - most of l&J's early bells were
cast by either them or Taylor's. At St John's Glastonbury the old 4th
stated 'Peter Llewellin made me', when it was actually a Whitechapel
bell. The old 7th was another early L&J bell, although who cast this one
is uncertain. Sadly both bells were scrapped in the 'restoration' of the
early 1990s, which was a total disaster from every point of view - the
old bells were apparently a majestic although rather tough-going eight.
The present bells sound vile and don't go especially well either.


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