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Congratulations too on your website. Two points. The name of the founders=
- don't worry the Ringing World always gets it wrong, but nevertheless is =
LLEWELLINS & James (Not Llewellyn) if you look at the print where it says y=
ou will see their name you will be able to readd it as LLEWELLINS. There w=
ere two Llewellins, Peter Llewellin and John Llewellin and on their bells t=
hey used the plural form. John Llewllin Jr in 1879 under the pseudonym X-Y-=
Z published a book "Bells and Bellfounding" with some very unusual claims a=
nd assumptions. He had clearly learned much by the time he came to cast E =

Also, as you will see from my list, there are still three rings of eight ca=
st by Llewellins & James. The oldest of these, East Ardsley, are a fine ri=
ng, and were well restored by John Taylor Bellfounders a few years ago. Th=
ere were two others - a ring of eight at Ramsbottom, Greater Manchester whi=
ch lasted only 19 years and another at Newhey, also in Greater Manchester w=
hich lasted till about 1970 and were sold in favour of a 4-cwt eight said t=
o be more suitable for the tower. There is also a fine 25-cwt chime of eig=
ht - now I understand much increased in number - at St Peter's RC church, R=
oath, Cardiff.

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Many thanks to David Cawley for infomation about L & J bells (and for the=
compliment to our ring - our tower captain will be pleased !) I will take=
the suggestions you offer.

Alan Furse

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>Here are the surviving complete L&J rings I know of
>Rings of 8
>East Ardsley, Yorks (1883)
>East Teignmouth, 1897
>Thornaby-on-Tees, 1898
>7 out of 8
>Ilfracombe, SS Philip & James (back 5 out of 6 -l old bell - 1876, trebl=
>Warmley, Glos, (3-6 & 8 1879; trebles 1919 - 7th recast 1985)
>6 bells
>Market Lavington, Wilts, 1876
>Cefn Coed, Mid-Glam.,
>Godshill, IOW, 1887
>Nantmel, Powys, 1903
>Swindon, St Mark, 1904 (since when M&S have added two trebles)
>Newton Nottage, Mid-Glam.,1906 (since augmented to 8)
>5 bells
>Bedminster, Bristol, St Paul, Southville, 2-6 of 6, 1875 (being the old =
>of 6 ex St Luke's) with new treble added
>Tredunnock, Gwent, 1881, 1-5 of 6 to match old tenor
>Westbury-sub-Mendip, 1887, 1-5 of 6 to match old tenor
>Vancouver Cathedral 1-5 of 8 to match existing French back 3 1909
>Whitchurch, Glam., 3,4,5,6,8 1909 (augmented to 8 & once recast)
>Upwey, Dorset, 5 to match with existing bell, 1911
>This is somewhat E & OE, but it shows something of their complet(ish) wo=
>which survive of which East Teignmouth must surely be the finest - by=20
>anyone's standards a grand ring in their own right.
>But like the writer to the Hebrews, if one was to list all the works of =
>which survive all over the country, "time would fail me".
>Richard Bowden, 19 Eastfield Road, Westbury on Trym, Bristol BS9 4AE has=
>undertaken exhaustive and authoratitive work on the L&J foundry, and as =
>Devonian himself will I am sure be pleased to hear from you. And Nichol=
>Bowden, nickwbowden at f... will I think be able to assist your=20
>enquiries. Good luck with your excellent bells.
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> Subject: [Bell Historians] Llewellins and James
> The Teignmouth Bells Project
> This project is aiming to raise the necessary funds to re-hang the ei=
> Llewellins and James bells (1897) at St. Michael's, Teignmouth. The
> background to this can be appreciated from our website at
> www.teignmouthbellproject.co.uk.
> We have been told that there are only a very few complete rings of ei=
>L &
> J bells still in existence and even fewer which, like ours, still hav=
> cannons and are in 'as cast' state.Does anyone know of others?
> Does anyone know where the foundry was in Bristol ?
> Alan Furse
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