[Bell Historians] Taylor borders

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Wed Mar 19 19:32:54 GMT 2003

Looks like Taylors' vine to me.

Not sure what all the recent correspondence about the (in my view,
pernicious) practice about making heavy rings lighter has to do with bell
history! But my pennyworth would be to ask what people think of the
scrapping of the 19 cwt 17th century ring of 5 (apart from the 18th century
tenor which was kept as a clock bell) and the substitution of a 4 cwt ring
of 6 in a large and handsome 15th century Wiltshire tower of my

When my brain is working better in the morning I will concoct a reply to
someof the recent references to Llewellins and James (Broughton Gifford,
East Ardsley et al). What I can say without reference to my notes is that
the former 7th at Glastonbury St John was cast by the same unknown founder
as Yeovilton tenor, a bell at Cherington in Glos, and the back 3 at Lamphey
in Pembrokeshire. It was the lighter and earlier Llewellin bell that was
cast for Peter Llewellin at Whitechapel.

Christopher Dalton

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>Subject: [Bell Historians] Taylor borders
>Date: Wed, Mar 19, 2003, 4:12 pm

> My botanical knowlege is severely limted, so can someone tell me what the
> border in the attached photo is? I've got another one to identify too, when
> I can find the photo.
> David
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