Kings Sombourne,Warner's and Harmonic Tuning

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Thu Mar 20 16:08:16 GMT 2003

When Kings Sombourne were sent for tuning a little under two years 
ago, | had no idea that Gillett & Johnston had tuned the back five 
when they added a treble in 1927; at that time, I assumed that 
Warner's had tuned the bells when they recast the tenor in 1911. I 
was amazed to find that the back three had been machined in the 
shoulder, something I have only encountered once before at Nunney, 
where they recast the two tenors in 1921. The fundamentals in the two 
Nunney bells are sharp albeit not nearly as much as is generally 
found in larger Warner bells.
The tenor from Kings Sombourne was machined from shoulder to 
soundbow, and had an almost in-line fundamental and only slightly 
sharp hum. The fundamentals of the 5th and 4th were almost correct as 
When I received the tuning figures from Gillett & Johnston's records, 
I found that they had flattened the hum notes but the figures as 
received and as tuned indicate that G & J did not machine the back 
three in the shoulder. This leaves the question: did Warner's have 
someone that understood the principles of harmonic tuning but left at 
an early stage? 
Does anyone have any ideas on this?
Nigel Taylor

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