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Fri Mar 21 11:42:52 GMT 2003

I agree with David Bryant's thoughts.

I taught teenagers at Congresbury (34-0-4) for some years and we frequently
rang the back 6 (there being no such thing as a front six on eight).

They learnt methods on the back 6, and rang their first quarters on them &
first inside (usually on the 4th(6th of 8) to Bob Doubles - which weight
about 12/13Cwt).

I even had 6 of them ring call changes on the back 6 on their own - average
age about 16.

There was one clear rule we had when teaching them - we NEVER told them they
were heavy. They just accepted the norm.

( A stay was broken when they went to their first new tower a 7 Cwt 6 but
that was as much to to with the ringer!!)

I cannot understand why we have developed this mentality that ringing needs
to involve no effort and pulling a rope is too much bother !!


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