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Wed Mar 26 22:03:27 GMT 2003

Hello all!

Just got back from of joy's!!!!!!

I have just rcvd a phone call from a chap who is a church warden @ 
Castlethorpe. He has been contacted by a chap names Adrian Hughes. 
He is a TV producer, and wants to visit, film crew in tow, tomorrow. 
Time to plan in the diary then.

Castlethorpe has one bell cast by a lady named Joan Hill/Sterdy, with 
a resonably mordern Whitechapel frame tucked in the corner of a tower.

I know very little about the bell and our Joan.

My problem is this.........

I need to give this chap as much info as I can, and any other bells 
cast by here in the local area. This is were it gets hard work. I 
acnnot log on tomorrow, so I need all the info tonight. I have no 
idea were to look. 

Please help.

If you read this in the morning and may have some info reasonably 
early in the day, please could you forward to 
scott.ayres at v... I think......or was it com?????

Many thanks all, and sorry to intrude like this after a long period 
of silence.


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