andrewmbull a.bull at s...
Tue May 6 11:59:52 BST 2003

I'm currently working on a summary list for Oxfordshire to add to 
those I've already put on the site. Much of the information has been 
taken from Sharpe's Oxfordshire, but a lot has changed since the book 
was published. I've got quite a lot of updated details, but if anyone 
has up to date information on Oxfordshire restorations of the last 50 
years, let me know and I'll send you what I have. One tower I'm 
particularly keen to get details of is the light ten at St Laurence, 
Appleton. These were retuned by Whitechapel in the late 1970s, but 
the details of the bells after retuning have never been up in the 
tower when I've been there. An email to White's produced no response, 
we all know how Whitechapel react to such enquiries these days, and 
not even CJP could help on this one. Has anyone got the details?

Andrew Bull

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