[Bell Historians] Big single ringing bells

Andrew Aspland aaspland at y...
Wed May 14 10:11:43 BST 2003

Currently hung for ringing (* = unringable)
*Leeds Town Hall "Victoria" (Hour bell, hung for swinging) 81 0 11 1859

June 22nd
This is a day that will long be remembered both by old and young as it was
acknowledged to be the day of the Century not for Leeds alone but for the
whole Nation as it was a day of rejoicing and thanksgiving to our Most
Gracious Queen who had this day attained her sixtieth year as Queen of
England ringing was indulged in from an early hour, ringers turned up in
full force and commenced at six in the morning with a touch of Stedman
Caters and rung at intervals during the day. The Leeds Town Hall Bell was
also rung on this day which was considered something out of the ordinary way
seeing that it weighed 4ton 1cwt, 0qtr 1lb.

The above extracted from the LPC tower record book [and punctuated as the

I have not yet been to see this bell but the Town Hall Manager is fine about
people going up to see it. Apparently the weight is engraved on the bell
which has a double grooved wheel and a double wish-bone stay which rises
from either side of the headstock and meets as one above it. It is deemed
unringable because the gudgeons have sagged somewhat due to the bell being
struck hourly and not having been maintained for ringing.

We have 9 years to convince the Town Hall to have it rehung for the next
Diamond Jubilee.


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