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Addiscombe: "Gabriel" (1929) was hung for slow swinging (which didn't stop it from being sent over the top in its first week) ! See my RW Article "Gabriel's Voice" from a few years back. The 5-cwt replacement bell of 1953 is also hung for slow swinging.

Re: The large wheels: fitted to the straight headstocks of the Cobh and Rugby bells to give better leverage as the bells weren't balanced. Cobh was rehung after WW2 'dead' when the fad for hanging the bourdon bells in some carillons had met with the disapprobation of prominent carilloneurs. Rugby had a contrived balance fitted long before the fairly recent rehang as successors to Jimmy George found it very hard work.

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Thanks to those who have supplied information on these. I still have nothing
on the following:

Tunstall, Staffs, RC church 50 0 23 1928 Mears & Stainbank
Croydon, S. Mary's, Addiscombe 50 2 20 1929 Taylor

Were / are they actually hung for ringing as opposed to slow swinging? It it
quite important for my article because if neither were then the last single
ringing bell of over two tons was cast and hung in 1916.

A draft is nearly finished and will be appearing on the web shortly - I just
want to add details of the above bells if necessary before uploading it.


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