The first complete 'Simpson' peal

Bill Hibbert bill at h...
Wed May 21 12:54:08 BST 2003


> The first Whitechapel Simpson tuned peal is
> at Petham, Kent

1923 seems astonishly early for this, but I ought not to judge, I 
ought to go and record them. Bridport (1924 from memory) are not true-
harmonic, the second at Leatherhead (definitely 1924) is old-style. 
The photo of the Petham bells on your website is interesting, one of 
the bells appears to be maiden.

I don't know as much as I should about Whitechapel's adoption of true-
harmonic tuning. I have a chronological list of towers / bells but 
only have the odd recording as yet. Alan Hughes did tell me that 
while they were experimenting with true-harmonicity they almost 
always shipped the results - for commercial reasons, to avoid the 
cost of recasting. Therefore, the record exists in the towers.

Bill H

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