[Bell Historians] Where is the first complete 'Simpson' peal?

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Wed May 21 22:55:46 BST 2003

I remember having a disagreement with a prominent bell foundry person 
in a pub in Boston (Lincs.). He was adamant that Lavenham tenor had 
been recast by 'his' foundry at the time of the restoration. But he 
wouldn't put any money on it!!!!!!

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> > The first Whitechapel Simpson tuned peal is at Petham, Kent ... 
> the tower I
> > at which learned to ring.
> > 
> > DrL
> I was informed that the Church of the Good Shepherd in Brighton was 
> the first Simpson Tuned Whitechapel ring of bells, cast around 
> 8,(13-2-16) in F.
> Whitechapel carried out some work there about a year ago now 
> rebushing the clappers, and informed the tower captain that the 
> bells were special to Whitchapel because the were their first 
> Simpson tuned bells.
> Admitidly they dont sound very good inside the tower, but that is 
> due to clapper knock, but outside they sound quite magnificent.
> I dont know if anyone has any further information, or could varify 
> this, it would be interesting to know.
> Philip M Pratt

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