Morecambe Bay and Blackburn

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Alan Birney mentions Morecambe Bay and Blackburn

John Greenhough knows about Emmanuel, Morecambe Bay - one bell (3 cwt) of 1886 by Carr, I gather. But we now think the reference to three bells Alan mentions (in a letter from Carr to a prospective customer) relates to bells for Emanuel Church, Morombe Bay, in Madagascar.

I pursued the Blews reference to bells for St.Anne's (RC), Blackburn, some years ago - but without success. My letter from the then Priest there is dated 1 April 1981! He pointed out that the church was only built about 50 years earlier, and suggested that the reference might relate to another RC church in the area. 

The Blews advert (I have an 1890 copy in front of me - though they ran the same ad in the Bell News for several years) doesn't give the number of bells, nor does it specify that this was St.Anne's (RC) church. It just says that Blews & Sons were "Founders of peals at ... St.Anne's, Blackburn". 

Like Alan, I'd be keen to identify the destination of these bells and to have further details. I know of quite a few instances where new churches intended to be given one dedication ended up being called by another name when opened. Perhaps this is the explanation in this case. Alternatively it was St.Anne's, ..... [somewhere], near Blackburn.

Looking at various reference books, I wonder if the Blews bells might have gone to St.Joseph's (RC), Audley, near Blackburn - opened in August 1877. Has anyone been? Or is there another St.Anne's in the area with Blews bells? Any suggestions?

I know of 362 bells by Blews - but none (so far) anywhere dedicated to St.Anne, and no other obvious candidates in Lancashire

Very keen to hear of any Birmingham-cast bells anywhere, please.

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