[Bell Historians] Where is the first complete 'Simpson' peal?

Andrew Aspland aaspland at y...
Thu May 22 07:27:25 BST 2003

"We do spend quite a lot of time on this list asking questions to which the
answers are already well known! Lots more to explore (as Bill has shown
with his researches generally, and on Merthyr Tydfil in particular) - but we
ought to make better use of past research and publication (made easier by
the underused list of theses and article on David Bryant's website) to avoid
just going over old ground again."

But that is the beauty of the email thing - it is cheap and easy - don't
need to worry about going over old ground. Answers which are generally
"well known" can sometimes be wrong. I have always maintained that Norton,
Sheffield are not quite all Simpson bells - Bill H now seems to have backed
this up - but that has been the accepted answer for a very long time.

So where is the next complete Taylor ring after Norton?


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