[Bell Historians] Where is the first complete 'Simpson' peal?

Chris Pickford c.j.pickford at t...
Thu May 22 09:24:45 BST 2003

Andrew Aspland wrote "But that is the beauty of the email thing - it is cheap and easy - don't need to worry about going over old ground. Answers which are generally "well known" can sometimes be wrong."

Sorry if my posting yesterday seemed too strict and serious. I don't disagree with what Andrew says on either count (specially the second point about questioning the "well known"). I just think that by being too quick on the button with topics where basic information IS readily available as a starting point (and I stress that), we risk a) deterring knowledgeable people who from contributing, and b) perpetuating errors (e.g. the "Guiness book of records" discussion led to quite a lot of the old - and superseded - answers being trotted out)

But the great thing is the level of interest in these topics, new people joining in, and the way in which this list does frequently lead to the advance of knowledge.

Yes, let's use the medium for what it is - but let's also make better use of the stuff we've got (on-line and in print) too


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