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Sat May 24 15:47:45 BST 2003

1. Sorry, chaps: by mistake I sent a private E-mail to Chris Pickford to
everybody. Don't think there was anything incriminating in it Š

2. Charles Carr of Smethwick: no use looking for the 3 bells of 1885 at
MORECAMBE Bay, Lancs. ­ they went to MOROMBE Bay, Madagascar!

3. Early Taylor true-harmonic rings after Norton (Sheffield): Todmorden
(now at Towcester) and Heavitree and I think others came before Werrington
were cast in 1898. But Werrington was I think the first ring that was heard
by Preb. Arthur Simpson (hence the letter on the ringing chamber wall).

4. Petham (M & S 1923) tuning is none too accurate round the front end (I
measured all the pitches in 1987).
Treble fundamental 52 cents down, hum 21 cents down
2nd 40 cents down 14 cents down
3rd 12 cents down 16 cents down
4th 7 cents up 13 cents down
5th 8 cents up 3 cents up
Tenor 10 cents up 5 cents up.
I haven't measured Good Shepherd, Preston, Brighton, 1927 and the next
true-harmonic ring after Petham.

Christopher Dalton               

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