[Bell Historians] 1851 census

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Sun May 25 21:12:53 BST 2003

Used the disk for the 1851 census today. Only Devon , Norfolk and Warwick,
are available for some reason, but it has the advantage that you can search
for people by occupation. Type in bell founder, and here’s what you get. (I
’ve omitted most of the family details)

William PANNELL, Foundry House, Tiverton. Aged 75. Occupation; Bell

James BARWELL	Summer Hill Terrace No 25, Birmingham. Aged 33 Brass Cask
& Bell Founder Employing 15 Men 13 Boys

EVANS, John	104 & 105 Moland St, Aston-War Aged 63	Bell & Brass Founder
John EVANS	Son	U	32	M	Bell & Brass Founder	Aston-War
Wm. Henry EVANS	Son	U	27	M	Bell & Brass Founder	Aston-War

Williams BLEINS	18 Spring Hill Terrace, Birmingham. Aged 57 Brass Founder
Lamp Manufacturer Weight & Measure Maker Bell founder Empl 40 Men
William H. M. BLEINS	Son	U	24	M	Partner with Father	Birmingham-WAR
Could this be a misreading of Blews, or was the name changed in the next

Samuel MARKLEW	17 Court No 1 Windsor St, Aston Aged 43	Brass Founder
Joseph MARKLEW	Son	-	18	M	Bell Founder

Fredr. James STIFF Brougham Street, Erdington	aged 17	Fancy Bell Founder

A request for Bell hanger produces 69 people, many of whom seem to household
bell hangers. The only person said to be a church bell hanger is Thomas
HURRY of Ladys Lane, Norwich aged 67.


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