Bucks steel bells

Alan J.Birney fartwell2000 at y...
Sun May 25 20:42:48 BST 2003

A while ago, whilst looking for web pages world wide, I came across 
a reference relating to All Saints church,Nash, Buckinghamshire- A 
steel five apparently still in existance.
Has anyone seen them, or know any details of them?
Also, are there any listings in existance of the bells that 
Vickers supplied in this country.
Also, for those interested in steel bells, the front six of the 
steel octave that was previously hung at St Judes, Randwick, 
Australia, have been transferred to the monastery of The Holy 
Transfiguration, Richardsons Road, Bombala Shire, Australia.
The bells have been sandblasted,coated with zinc spray and 
painted green before being hung dead for chiming in the tower of the 
monastery.(info from Randwick website)
What has come of the two tenors of the previous Randwick octave, I 
have no idea, but at least six more Vickers bells have been 

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