[Bell Historians] York, Former St John

David Bryant djb122 at y...
Fri May 30 10:18:08 BST 2003

> Here's one for you David.
> I read in today's RW that what used to be the Arts
> Center has been sold and is to become a restaurant.
> Any idea what is going to happen to the bells? I am
> sure the City of York will not want to lose this
> historic ring.

I've just written a complaining letter to the RW about that report. The
above is one of the more minor points - I paricularly take issue with the
assertion that two clappers "had fallen out" of the bells at Stockton, with
its implication of poor maintenenace. Actually, I maintain the bells and had
removed two clappers for rebushing. Likewise, the Minster tenor clapper had
not fallen out, it had broken.

As regards St John, there have been negotiations between David Potter and
the company who are buying the building, and the intention is that the bells
will remain where they are and continue to be rung. The restaurant company
are keen on the idea as it would be something of a novelty.


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