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And yet another in the Warner Collection (M29-1950) at the V&A.

Quite a large, practically square (8" x 7.1/2") piece from just below the
inscription band.

Entirely filled with the Royal Arms of Charles II., rather blurred, perhaps
from being impressed twice.

RWMC observes it is apparently from the old 3/4 at Broad Blunsdon, Wilts,
Rober Neale, Burford, 1675; recast by Warner 1913.

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> David Cawley writes
> One of the best known examples no longer exists, viz the 4/5 from Lea,
> > Wilts - CD's photograph of the PoW's Feathers on this bell is well
> > The bell itself was scrapped around 1976.
> When I revisited Lea earlier this year I was given to understand that bits
> of the inscriptions of the three bells which were scrapped (the treble of
> five had gone much earlier) were preserved with the intention of
> them somewhere, and were in the hands of somebody who had now moved rrom
> village. I mean to follow this up.
> Re Box, another case where the royal arms were cut out and preserved is
> tenor at Boyton, Wilts. (Richard Purdue I 1616 / M & S 1937). And again
> arms are beautifully reproduced in facsimile on the new bell.
> C D
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