[Bell Historians] standards of research

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Wed Nov 5 21:14:21 GMT 2003

Today's discussion made me think to trawl back through some old emails
on the subject:

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> Subject: [Bell Historians] standards of research
> It is only necessary to look at some of the complete 
> drivel on 'bell details/history' sections of individual tower 
> websites to see what I mean! I won't pick on individual 
> examples, but a number can be found by following the links on 
> Roger Bailey's page.
> So what do people think? Is there any way we can set and 
> encourage standards in research?

Help them, not patronise them. They may the members of any proposed
bell history society. I, for one, would be strongly against alienating
those who members on this list may propose to lead. We all started
somewhere. I started from a purely historical point of view, and would
not claim to know a Doncastor canon/head/bugger cares what if it hit mew
in the face (though I'm sure it would hurt me if I did). I am, however,
passionately interested in the history of bells and bellringing.

Are these two viewpoints incompatible?


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