[Bell Historians] Wm Jefferies / Jefferies & Price

David Bryant david at b...
Wed Nov 5 23:30:12 GMT 2003

> James Gotley (CHEDDON FITZPAINE, CREECH ST MICHAEL) was I believe a
> contractor not a founder. Someone may know more. It follows that bells
> with his name on would have been cast by somebody else, probably J & P.
> there were also the Westcotts...

The bell at Creech by him no longer exists, although there is one by the
Taunton brassfounder Roger Savery - one of only two to survive, I believe.
It's an odd-shaped bell with a domed crown and a very short waist. In view
of its tonal quality, perhaps it's as well that his bells are so rare!


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