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---I didn't give up completely. Michael Wilby has always been 
grateful for comments about The Rings of Twelve and I still post the 
occasional detail as and when I come across it.
Like you Carl, I didn't make further contact if no response was made, 
except in one case, when things did begin to turn dodgy. You learn 
from your mistakes. 

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> At 22:38 +0000 2003/11/05, jimhedgcock wrote:
> >--- What do you do when you take the trouble to indicate mistakes 
> >websites and no action is taken, even after you have received a 
> >stating that they are aware of the mistake/s? And what do you do 
> >towers continue to display bell details that are incorrect, even 
> >they know that they are incorrect?
> >I gave up!
> Since I have a proofreader's eye for detail, I frequently send 
> to Webmasters with corrections of errors or suggestions for 
> improvement, always trying to present a helpful attitude rather 
> a critical one. Often I get no response; very rarely I get a 
> response; but fairly often I get some expression of thanks, with or 
> without a commitment to make the suggested changes.
> However, unless the Webmaster specifically invites me to revisit 
> site to verify the changes (and that does sometimes happen), I 
> bother to check whether they were in fact made. I don't feel any 
> particular responsibility to convince some stranger that I am 
> even when I am certain that is the case.
> The flip side is that I always welcome comments and suggestions 
> others regarding Webpages that I have posted. From years of 
> experience I have learned that no matter how well I proofread my 
> material, errors can escape me. And of course others have access 
> huge amounts of information that isn't available to me. In fact, 
> would be all too easy to wallow in despair about all the facts that 
> other people must know, which would improve my Websites if only 
> would tell me.
> So cheer up, Jim--you've done your part of the job!
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