[Bell Historians] standards of research

David Bryant david at b...
Thu Nov 6 09:47:48 GMT 2003

> The flip side is that I always welcome comments and suggestions from
> others regarding Webpages that I have posted. From years of
> experience I have learned that no matter how well I proofread my
> material, errors can escape me. And of course others have access to
> huge amounts of information that isn't available to me. In fact, it
> would be all too easy to wallow in despair about all the facts that
> other people must know, which would improve my Websites if only they
> would tell me.

Yes, I also have had many helpful comments and additional pieces of
information from readers of my websites. That's why I think it is a good
idea to have am email address on such websites, even if it does mean myriad
spam emails advertising everything from porn to foreign holidays, loans,


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