Warner's tuning, 1911 onwards

Bill Hibbert bill at h...
Tue Nov 11 21:40:12 GMT 2003

Chris Dalton:

> ... Warner rings which purport to be 'Simpson'
> tuned ... Pocklington

I've rung at most of the rings you list, but only have recordings of 
Pocklington (dated 1914). I liked these rather a lot when I rang 
there. However, they are not true harmonic, e.g. the tenor partials 
hum 160.5 Hz (-2445 cents)
prime 319 Hz (-1256 cents)
tierce 397.5 Hz (-875 cents)
quint 495.5 Hz (-494 cents)
nominal 659 Hz.
I know less than I should about the tuning of Warner's bells, I think 
it would repay study. I have had David Rothera's telephone number for 
a year, meaning to go to Chelmsford ...

Bill H

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