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This is principally a message for Dennis Powney, but others may be interest=

Browsing the RW for 1924, I found a reference to the rehanging of Denstone =
bells by J.E. (Jimmy) Groves in 1924 (RW 21 Nov.1924 p.743). The article me=
ntions that Groves also had in hand the restoration of the bells at Harborn=
e, Bromyard, Bromham (Wilts) and Hereford (St.Nicholas). I just wondered i=
f Dennis knew of his work at Bromham?

I'm hoping to include a list of all known work by Groves (for Barwell and a=
n an independent bellhanger) in the Birmingham book, so any further informa=
tion would be welcomed (and acknowledged)

Chris P
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