[Bell Historians] 'Jimmy' Groves

Carl S Zimmerman csz_stl at s...
Thu Nov 13 19:00:22 GMT 2003

Thanks! I've seen photos which showed such stabilizing rods. 
However, I wouldn't have expected them to be made of *cast* iron, as 
cited in Groves' tender--wrought iron (blacksmith work) would seem to 
be a more suitable material. It also seems odd that he didn't 
specify which bell would get the stretchers, since he was so precise 
in other respects. Or did he supply two "per bell", and just forgot 
to include those words?

At 18:46 +0000 2003/11/13, Dennis Powney wrote:
>Carl Zimmerman asks what the 'Stretchers' were, that were fitted to 
>Bromham bells in 1925. These were iron rods with one end bolted 
>onto the wooden head stock, at the far end of the stock to the 
>wheel, and the other end affixed to the wheel. Their purpose was to 
>stabilise the wheels, which at the time that the work was done were 
>over fifty years old; and I suppose were getting wobbly.
>Dennis Powney.

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