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Chris Pickford wrote:
I'm hoping to include a list of all known work by Groves (for Barwell and a=
n an independent bellhanger) in the Birmingham book, so any further informa=
tion would be welcomed (and acknowledged)

I strongly suspect, Chris, that you know Mr J E (Jimmy) Groves, as Barwell'=
s bellhanging foreman, supervised the complete rehanging of Evesham Bell To=
wer's old 8 in a new steel frame and its augmentation by the addition of tw=
o Barwell trebles in 1910 - but I mention it just in case. Jimmy Groves wen=
t on to conduct the first peal on this 10, 5151 Stedman Caters in 3-39 on t=
he day of the dedication, 25th June 1910, JEG ringing the 9th. This frame a=
nd these bells lasted until 1951, when the present Taylor 12 and bellframe =
were installed.

Chris Povey
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