[Bell Historians] Re: Clapper springs

Andrew Aspland aaspland at y...
Thu Nov 20 10:18:52 GMT 2003

The G&J "springs" were not really springs at all. As you can see in David
Cawley's attatched illustration there are two arms bolted to the independent
crown staple. At the end of each steel arm is a brass section which
provedes the mounting for a gravity toggle which operates something like
As the bell swings the toggle moves in line with the arm due to centrifugal
force. The clapper hits the bell and bounces off which allows the toggle to
drop down at right angles to the arm. As the clapper returns to rest on the
bell it is prevented from doing so by the toggle - and the bell hums!
Swillington (1930)has one on the tenor (but it only works on one stroke!)
and Campsall (1936) had one on the tenor but the toggles were missing and
the other bits are now in my cellar!

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