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As David says, the majority seem not to have been ringers. Of course THE no=
table exception was The Revd H. T. Ellacombe - and after reading authors li=
ke Tyack and Raven, one is left with the feeling that they had some practic=
al knowledge of the Exercise. On the other hand, Fred Sharpe told me that H=
. B. Walters rejoiced in the fact that he was not a ringer.

The question is, "What makes a ringer ?" Certainly many of the 19th-Centur=
y Bell Historians were living with the fact (or the legacy) of the disreput=
able behaviour of the pre-Ecclesiological bands of ringers and had no wish =
to associate themselves with their activities, real or imaginary. In our p=
resent time we have a parallel example (which has appeared in The Ringing W=
orld this year) of a bellfounder who does not consider himself a ringer - b=
ut who can handle a bell - but whose technical knowledge of bells is at lea=
st equal to that of his principal competitor.

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> Does anyone know if Canon JJ Raven was a ringer, as well as a writer of
> books about bells? I note there is no obituary reference for him in th=
> listings. I believe he may have died in 1906 but I do not have copies =
> the earlier publication to check.

Don't know but quite likely not. The majority of early bell historians (i=
those before Fred Sharpe) were not ringers.


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